Fighting to remove the Carbon Tax from ALL home heating

Once again, winter is coming and Conservatives are calling on the government to remove the Carbon Tax from all forms of home heating for all Canadians.

Last year, every motion put forward by the Conservatives – removing the tax from all home heating, removing the HST, and taking the tax off home heating oil – were all blocked by the Liberal-NDP coalition.

That’s why it was so surprising when the Prime Minister held a sudden press conference to temporarily “pause” the carbon tax on home heating oil.  After fighting the Conservatives for over a year on offering Canadians any help with home heating, why the sudden change, and why just home heating oil which only helps 3% of Canadians, mostly in Atlantic Canada?

First, the “pause” happens to be until just after the next scheduled election. Second, in Atlantic Canada, the Liberals hold 24 of 32 seats and are seeing their poll numbers fall dramatically (as they are across the country).  What happened to “a Canadian, is a Canadian, is a Canadian,” as the Prime Minister famously said?

Conservatives have been relentless in taking the Trudeau Liberals to task for this and have started a petition so they can hear from everyday Canadians that it’s time to stop playing divisive, political games, axe the tax for everyone and help the people keep the heat on this winter.

Do you agree the Carbon Tax should be axed from all home heating?

Sign the petition at