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Community Survey

    HousingGrocery PricesGas PricesHome heating/coolingTaxes

    A lot (We've had to change habits, and/or reduce our plans)A little (We have to be more careful about how we spend)Not much (Things are more expensive, but we are managing okay)



    I don't commuteYes (a) - About the same as pre-COVID.Yes (b) - Less than pre-COVID.No - Now I save time commuting. (Please specify how much time you save below)



    Yes (indicate area below)No

    I, or my children, cannot afford a homeI recently bought a house but had to move further away than I wantedMy mortgage rate/renewal is threatening the budgetMy rent is unreasonableThe housing crisis has not affected meOther

    Investments in current Green Technology such as Solar and WindInvestments in Green Innovation such as Small Nuclear ReactorsA robust regulatory system that forces large polluters to reduce their footprintA excise tax directly on consumer choice (ie. Carbon Tax)None of the aboveOther

    10. Do you have any additional comments?