Transparent Pricing for Home Internet Service

Conservative Party of Canada graphic showing a wifi symbol and the Conservative logo with the words "Conservative Bill C-288 that will increase transparent and accurate internet service information to become law.

For far too long, Canadians have paid sky-high prices for internet services only to find out later that the quality and speed they expected was far faster than what they actually received.

This is particularly problematic in rural areas.

Just last week, my Conservative colleague Dan Mazier’s Bill C-288, an act to provide Canadians with accurate and transparent information on broadband services — a Bill I was proud to be a seconder of — passed Third Reading in the Senate and will now be passed into law.

This bill requires internet companies to provide a reliable indicator of the speeds a consumer can expect during a peak usage period. Other countries such as the U.S. and Australia already have consumer protections like this in place.

Common Sense Conservatives will continue to bring home improved connectivity for all Canadians, particularly those in rural and remote regions.