Liberal-NDP Coalition Vote To Keep The Tax On Canadians This Summer

Member of Parliament Dan Muys votes to axe the carbon tax, federal fuel tax, gst on gas and diesel until Labour Day.

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are struggling. The Liberals’ inflationary spending and taxes have driven up the cost of everything, forcing families to pay $700 more for groceries this year, while the cost of housing continues to take more money out of people’s pockets.

Canadians deserve relief. But today, the Liberal-NDP coalition refused to give Canadians the summer break they need.  This was clear after they voted against a Common Sense Conservative motion that would’ve axed the carbon tax, the federal fuel tax, and GST on gasoline and diesel between Victoria Day and Labour Day so families can afford a simple summer vacation.

Not only is Trudeau not providing Canadians with relief, but he’s also actively making their lives more expensive. Trudeau recently hiked the carbon tax by 23 percent, as part of his plan to quadruple this tax over the next six years. This has made everything more expensive at the worst possible time. And as a direct result of Trudeau’s taxes, gas prices have surged by more than 50 percent since he became Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau may be able to fly off to a luxury resort for a $230,000 taxpayer-funded vacation, but most Canadians only want a simple road trip to visit their friends and family. This Common Sense Conservative motion would help a typical Canadian family save $670 this summer so they can afford to travel this summer.

Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost. Only Common Sense Conservatives will axe the tax and bring home lower prices for all Canadians.